My $6,000 Gift To You!

Posted by Paul Duncan

Over the past several months, we’ve been discussing the fundamentals of marketing in depth.

I’ve been emphasizing that businesses use tactical marketing instead of strategic marketing, and tactical marketing simply doesn’t work for small businesses.

In my last email to you, I gave you a thorough and complete summary of strategic marketing, and outlined for you step-by-step EXACTLY how to implement a strategic marketing campaign for your business.

So here’s what I want to do for you now!

Let me give you weekly access to a special series of webinars my company has created that will teach you a specific lead generation or conversion strategy each week designed to put instant cash in your pocket.

This is a service I typically charge $6,000 per year for my coaching clients to attend, but I’m going to offer it to you as a gift from me to you.

You will have to register for it every week so I can send you the proper link since each webinar is different.

The webinar is held every Tuesday, and to make sure it’s convenient for you, I’ll offer it at 9am and again at 3pm… so hopefully you can work one of them into your schedule.

Click here if you would be interested in attending.

Implement the information we’ll share with you on each webinar and you will put a lot of additional revenue in your pocket starting the very next day.

Until then, be successful!

Paul Duncan

Marketing and Lead Generation Strategist

P: 0433440881


P.S. If you use the strategy we teach you this week, email me your results and perhaps I can provide further guidance and support to help you maximize your initial results.